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Setting our Future: Student Wellbeing

Setting the strategic direction for Villanova College now and into the future 2021-2023

Mental Health Resources


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aspirational intention

Aspirational Intention: To implement evidence-based and measurable College wide programs that cultivate positive wellbeing, develop resilience and foster respectful relationships so that our students flourish and realise their potential.


Strategic Focus Elaboration | Wellbeing

Deliver school programs that educate students on the wellbeing of their mental health, inclusive of proactive management approaches.


Strategic Focus Elaboration | Positive Education

Introduce the practice of Positive Education as a College wide approach for maximising and reporting upon the wellbeing of each student.


Strategic Focus Elaboration | Relational pedagogy

Create a culture of right relationships, fostered through the use of restorative practices, on order to develop within our students the skills to be respectful and socially responsible members of the community.