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Setting our Future: Transforming Teaching and Learning

Setting the strategic direction for Villanova College now and into the future 2021-2023

aspirational intention

Aspirational Intention: To provide a teaching and learning culture that promotes the highest standards in boys' education and inspires academic excellence.

Strategic focus

Strategic Focus Elaboration | Recognised as a leader in boys' education

Through research, current practices and strategic partnerships, be a leader in the education of boys and share that knowledge with our staff, parents and the wider community.


Strategic Focus Elaboration | Establish the Villanova Learning Institute

The Villanova Learning Institute will be the home for the professional and personal development of staff in order to assist all staff to become proficient in boys' education, Augustinian pedagogy and catholic spirituality.


Strategic Focus Elaboration | Innovative Learning Environments

Develop learning environments that are modern, innovative and flexible. These environments will be research-based and align strongly with the College's Teaching and Learning Framework.

Innovative classroom

Visible Learning

intention and elaborations

Strategic Focus Elaboration | Critical Thinking and Creative Inquiry

Empower our students to think with a critical, curious and open mind in the passionate pursuit of knowledge and ideas. Our students will be equipped with a confident and resilient mindset to work both independently and collaboratively to succeed in their chosen learning pathway.


Strategic Focus Elaboration | Partnerships

Establish and build strong educational partnerships with tertiary institutes, local workplaces and agencies including parental and Old Boys communities to enrich the educational experience of both staff and students.


Strategic Focus Elaboration | Transforming teaching through digital pedagogy

Implement a College-wide digital pedagogy platform to heighten student engagement and responsiveness to learning tasks through the use of innovative and effective digital pedagogies. Our students will be self-directed, independent learners.