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Year 7 History: Deep Time History of Australia


Middle School Database Search

Primary and secondary sources


Deep Time History of Australia

Deep Time History of Australia

Sacred Aboriginal Sites

What Can We Learn?

What can we learn from indigenous Australians and their 60,000 years caring for country? Visit remote parts of Northern Territory to see the catastrophic impact of climate change and how we can work together to protect it.


First Footprints

First Footprints Video Series


Aboriginal Storytelling

Indigenous History

Our History - Indigenous Australians: The Eora

Cultural Burning

Six months after the Tathra bushfire, a pioneering cultural burning project is reveals how traditional Indigenous fire can heal and protect the landscape

Songlines on Screen

Library Books

The Human Revolution Series

The Human Revolution Series

Trace the human story back through deep time to discover who our ancient cousins really were, and what they can tell us about our own story.

Trace our journey out of Africa and beyond. Along the way we established civilizations and diverse cultures. Cutting edge science reveals how we changed the planet and even ourselves.


History of Australia's Prehistory - Part 1 - Billy Griffiths