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Note- Taking using the Cornell Method

Advantages of using the Cornell Method to take notes

1.  notes must be in your own words; therefore, you have to read and understand the information first;

2. notes will be easy to read;

4. source is easy to identify when citing information;

5. sub-points: visual connections and relationship between points are obvious;

6. easy to find related points when organising ideas, especially from a range of sources (e.g. you can use colours to link) that may confirm or dispute ie. perspectives;

7. identifying the main idea promotes knowledge retention and understanding; and

8. summary can easily convert to a point or topic sentence for final product.

Notetaking Templates

Note-taking Templates

Download these templates for your own study and research.

note-taking part 1

Note-taking Part 1

Click on each number to work through the features of good note-taking.

note taking part 2

Note-taking Part 2

Notetaking part 3

Note-taking Part 3

note taking part 4

Note-taking Part 4