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Resource Key

Resource Level

We have graded each source in this Research Guide according to the following levels. 

Level 1

Brief, easy to read information which may be basic and use informal language. Newspaper articles are generally this level.

Level 2

Generally includes subject-specific language, provides additional reading and may provide additional background information.

Level 3

Typically, these will be longer in length, detailed and contain technical information.

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Urbanisation | Research Starter

Urbanization is the emergence of cities as settled living spaces for an increasing number of people, generally migrating from rural locales. The process of becoming urbanized entails not only the physical movement of the population and the construction of cities but also the rise of a distinctive society, culture, and economy. Read more ...

General Resources

General Resources

Sustainable Communitires

Sustainable Communities


Tokyo, Japan


Delhi, India


Shanghai, China

Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico


Dhaka, Bangladesh


Mumbai, India

Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos, Nigeria