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Religious Life: Professional Development and Formation

2017 Formation Opportunities for Staff at Villanova College

Formation of staff, in heart and mind, is essential to giving students the best possible holistic education. It is also essential as a means to refresh the individual’s vocation to educate, whilst also revitalising the learning community. It is the explicit capacity of the individual staff member to connect his or her story to the source of eternal life made visible in Christ which enables and underpins the highest quality of respect in relationships. Each staff member’s current place on the way towards God is welcomed; he or she is likewise respected in the explicit challenge to make progress along the way. 

Particularly important principles of formation within our Catholic Augustinian context include:

  1. Formation occurs by a sacramental process. The College draws on the wider resources of prayer and liturgy provided by the Catholic Church. Emphasis is given to grounding the spiritual journey of each person who belongs to our community in very physical signs, actions and rituals. Of critical importance, as Augustine models, is the space created for listening to the Gospel.
  2. Formation occurs through dialogue. The hard work of creating community every day by listening carefully to those who might seem the least regarded – the “outriders” as Pope Francis says – is itself formative
  3. Formation occurs by actually taking a step, no matter how clumsy, in service of the poor. The Gospel comes alive when we reach out in humility to those most in need.

The opportunities available for 2017 are displayed on the right.  


Prayer and Sacramental Life

Professional Reading

Staff Retreat - Drawing from the Well

Workshops in Restorative Practices and Augustinian Studies

Accreditation Requirements


Year 12 Retreat


Living Waters Staff Formation

PD Opportunities

Curated Faith Formation resources

Curated Faith Formation Resources

"A 21st century approach to faith formation requires that the faith formation leader become a curator a trusted guide who continually finds, groups, organizes, and connects the best and most relevant content and resources on a specific subject to match the needs of a specific audience." Click on the image below to be directed to this site.