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What is an adaptation?

What is an adaptation?

What is adaptation

What does adaptation mean?

What does adaptation mean?

This is a seahorse. It has evolved to look like seaweed. This helps them avoid predators.

Climate Adaptations

Have you ever wondered why a polar bear is white? Or why a camel has a hump? Well this episode will set the record straight as we scope out climate adaptations! From plants to animals to humans, we'll find out how life adapts to its climate! Includes adaptations of flying foxes, alpine plants, CO2 in the sea, kangaroo adaptations, and farming adaptations.

Characteristics of Animals and Plants

Organisms placed in the Animal and Plant Kingdoms have their own unique, defining characteristics. This video explores the external and internal structures of animals and plants, their means of obtaining nutrition, and their methods of reproducing. Engaging visuals, clear definitions and informative diagrams make this this is an essential resource for Biology classrooms.