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First time access

Accessing Box of Books for the first time? Follow these steps.

Step One: Click on the Box of Books banner (above) to access Villanova's Box of Books ( Then click Sign In to be redirected to Villanova's Sign In Page.

Step Two: Enter your Villanova username (Teachers: Teacher Code | Students: 5 digit number)

Step Three: Your Box of Books will load with all the books relevant to the subjects you are studying. Teachers will have access to all digital textbooks available.

Help process

How to access help

From time-to-time you may come across some problems; these may include having the wrong books in your box, missing a book, unable to access interactive resources. Always log your help request with Box of Books. They should be able to solve your problem within the lesson or quicker.

Step One: Use the in-app-help feature located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This feature is only available online.

Step Two: Click the New Conversation button to send a message about your problem or you can search the articles to find your own answer. See below.  When you start a new conversation; remember, you are representing the school. All expectations remain the same, be polite and courteous. 

Step Three: It may help to also include a screen shot of any problem you may have. This will usually not be necessary but if it is, save your screen shot then attach the screen shot via the paperclip logo at the bottom of your message. See below.

accessing interactive resources

Accessing the Interactive Resources provided through Publisher Sites

All your access is managed through your online Box of Books. 

Step One: Click on the textbook with the interactive link. The page which loads provides you with your username (school email) and password to access the interactive resources. Copy the password and then click the yellow Explore Resources button (see below).

This will take you to the Publisher's site. Login using your email and paste the password from Box of Books.

Once in, make sure you save your password on the site. Always access your textbook interactive resources via your online Box of Books.

Download Offline Reader

Download the Offline Reader

Box of Books is an online reader first; however, you can download their offline reader and read the PDF versions of your online textbooks.

Step One:  Log into Box of Books and click on Download Reader on the left-hand side menu (see image below).

Step Two: Box of Books will automatically detect the best version for your device and will direct you to download the appropriate reader. Before you click the version, copy and paste your Bobby Pin. It is the four digit number provided for you, see below.

Step Three: You will be directed to the Installer page. Click on the yellow button: Download Installer (see below).

Step Four: The installer will download to the bottom of your screen (see below). Double click the downloaded file to open.

Step Five: Once the installer opens, click Next.

Step Six: Accept the terms and conditions by clicking beside the accept statement (see below).

Step Seven: Click the Install button.

Step Eight: Click Finish once the installer has completed and the option to finish appears (see below).

Step Nine: The installer will disappear and be replaced with the registration f (see below). Enter your school email and paste in the Bobby Pin you copied earlier. If you cannot paste the Bobby Pin you can find it again in your Personal Profile of your online Box of Books.

Step Ten: Your successful registration of your offline Box of Books will be confirmed with this message (see below). The Box of Books logo should be sitting on your task bar (see second image below). For easy access pin the Box of Books logo to your task bar. Right click on the logo and select Pin to taskbar. 


adding books to read offline

Add Books to your Offline Reader

Step One: Only add books to your Offline Reader through your offline reader. Click on Get Books, top right hand side of your Offline Reader (see below).

Step Two: Your books will load from your online reader into the offline reader (see below).

Step Three: Click on the text you wish to download. The text will load with options, click on the yellow Read Offline button (see below).

Step Four: You will be notified your download is complete and can either read the book now or continue to download books. If you decide to download more books click the Book Box on the left-hand side (see below) to return to the books in your offline reader and repeat the process of downloading each book. 

Changing Subjects

Changing Subjects? Changing Textbooks.

When you change subjects you will be added to a new Moodle course. When this occurs Box of Books will automatically update your personal Box of Books by removing the textbook for the subject you dropped and replacing it with the textbook for the subject you have picked up. 

Step One: To force Box of Books to change your textbooks you must Sign Out from your online Box of books account and then sign back in. This should load your new textbook and remove your old. If this does not happen, immediately request help through the in-app-help, do not wait. See below for Sign Out location.