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Box of Books: Accessing Help

Help process

How to access help

From time-to-time you may come across some problems; these may include having the wrong books in your box, missing a book, or being unable to access interactive resources. Always log your help request with Box of Books. They should be able to solve your problem within the lesson or quicker.

Step One: Use the in-app-help feature located in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. This feature is only available online.

Step Two: Click the Send us a Message button to send a message about your problem or you can search the articles to find your own answer. (See below.)  When you start a new conversation, remember, you are representing the school. All expectations remain the same, be polite and courteous. 

Step Three: It may help to also include a screen shot of any problem you may have. This will usually not be necessary but if it is, save your screen shot then attach the screen shot via the paperclip logo at the bottom of your message. See below.