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Settlement and Colonisation: Reasons for Settlement

Year 5 History

Reasons for Settlement

Early European Settlement - 1788-1810

Before 1788- British Perspective

Follow a British prison guard who tells of his experience managing prisoners at Newgate Prison from which thousands of convicts were transported to Australia. He recounts Captain Cook’s voyages leading up to and including the First Fleet and how this new faraway penal colony will make his job a whole lot easier.

Know It Alls - History - The First Fleet

Hoist up the anchors, pull on the ropes as comedian Sam Campbell and young Kabir set sail upon the fact-finding mission about the First Fleet. Who will avoid convict status to become the Know It All?

Horrible Histories - Australia Song

BTN - First Fleet

How did Australia become the nation it is today? Well, in this important BTN Special we travel back in time to find out.

The Growth of Australian Colonies

In the 1800s, migration from Britain to the new Australian colonies grew. In this video, we examine the reasons why Britain wanted more people to migrate to Australia, why the British people themselves wanted to migrate, and what the government did to encourage free settlers to move to Australia.

Transportation and the First Fleet

In 18th and early 19th century Britain, transportation as a form of punishment was used to combat the over-crowded prisons. Children as young as seven could be tried as adults and sent to Australia as convicts.

The First Fleet to Australia

Beginning with the reasons why Britain chose to establish a penal colony at Botany Bay, this short clip then describes the route and timeline of the First Fleet. Conditions on board the ship are described from the perspective of a convict.