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Senior Earth and Environmental Science: Unit 2

Unit 2

unit 2

Unit 2 | Earth Processes - Energy transfers and transformationundefined

"In Unit 2, students explore the ways Earth and environmental science is used to describe and explain energy transfer and transformation in Earth systems. An understanding of the movement of energy between systems is essential to appreciate the importance of energy to control processes below and above the Earth’s surface. Students conduct experiments and investigate different modes of energy transfer within systems, and use models to predict the characteristics of systemic ocean currents, different sources of energy, and how greenhouse gases reflect or scatter infrared radiation leading to the greenhouse effect. They examine synoptic charts, satellite images and climatic data to analyse primary data to make predictions about weather patterns" (QCAA, 2019).

topic 2

Topic 2: Energy for Atmospheric and Hydrologic Processes

topic 3

Topic 3: Energy for Biogeochemical Processes