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The Science of Reading: Home


The Five Strands of Reading

An Introduction to the Five Strands of Reading


Readings and Viewings on The Science of Reading

The Ladder of Reading and Writing

The Ladder of Reading and Writing



Almost this entire guide has been populated by suggestions and recommendations made via the Facebook Group: Reading Science in Schools. I highly recommend joining and collaborating with this incredible community of professionals. The administrators of the group are: Jasmyn Hall, Stephanie Le Lievre and Natalie Campbell. Leah Alyce, Teresa Conradt and Jasmine Fleur Shannon are the group's moderators ...

The Why

This LibGuide details WHAT we should do, as teachers, to teach reading. But this guide also details WHY we should teach reading in this way. And this is why ...

The Science of Reading

The Science of Reading: A Defining Movement

Hollis Scarborough's Reading Rope

 Hollis Scarborough's Reading Rope


Amplify's Science of Reading Handbook