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Australian of the Year: Professor Alan Mackay-Sim linked nerve cells in your nose to spinal cord repairs

Rosetta-Philae International Webinar

On Feb 23rd, the senior science students will be participating in an “aerospace” evening linking into the Rosetta – Philae International Webinar. 

The Rosetta – Philae project was an international collaboration of researchers based at the DLR Microgravity centre in Cologne Germany.  (DLR is the german equivalent of NASA.)  In May 2004, they sent a rocket (Rosetta) to successfully intercept a comet, and then land a vehicle (Philae) on the surface of the comet.  This mission was completed in October 2014.  

This seminar is the presentation by the lead researchers of the results of the mission and discussion of the challenges and opportunities it presented.  We have been invited to attend on the basis of our video application (see left), which some of the Year 11 and 12 Chemistry students prepared.  Villanova College was the only Australian schooL selected.

On the evening, Dr Carolyn Jacobs, will also be presenting some of her work with the European Space Agency funded work on Plasma torches and its application for entry of space vehicles into planetary orbits.  There will also be some of the UQ  Mechanical engineering and hypersonic research staff attending, and they will be speaking to the boys about the opportunities available to them at UQ Engineering.

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