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Science: Extreme Environments

"Given the variety of environments on Earth, and the rich biodiversity which results, in what way have some organisms adapted and survived in extreme environmental conditions?"

You are to choose one organism that has adapted to extreme environmental conditions and prepare an illustrated feature artice for the National Geographic Magazine with complete documentation of your research process.

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Plan an Assignment

Plan an Assignment

One of the keys to the production of a quality assignment is effective time management.

Your final product should reflect the time you have been allocated to its completion; that is, if you have been given five weeks to complete a report then the report you submit should look like you have spent five weeks on its production.

Below are links to tools which can help you plan your time.  These calculators will take the time you have available and set mini deadlines towards its completion.  They also provide, in some cases, useful guides for the construction of oral presentations, lab reports, analytical essays etc.

Give them a go and let us know how useful you found them.