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ClickView Playlist - Frontier Wars

Watch a series of programs, including a three-part series, on the Frontier Wars. Click Here: Playlist | Frontier Wars

Museum Exhibit

The Australian Museum's Unsettled Exhibition

"I was approached to curate the Australian Museum’s Indigenous-led exhibition about Captain James Cook, as a response to the 250th anniversary in 2020 of the HMB Endeavour’s East Coast voyage during 1770. I knew this would be a challenging task. Cook is often celebrated as the founding father of Australia, with hero-like status to non-Indigenous Australians. But he represents the opposite to First Nations peoples: a symbol of destruction and death, pain and suffering. Curating a show about why these differences exist that meets the needs of both these audiences would not be straightforward, especially in Australia’s oldest museum."

Although the exhibit is now closed, you can explore the virtual version here: The Australian Museum's Unsettled exhibition - The Australian Museum


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