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Year 9 Mathematics: Inside a Beehive

OneSearch Step 1

Firstly, Identify Search Terms by looking carefully at the task sheet.



OneSearch step 2

Secondly, use these terms in the Middle School OneSearch to search the databases for relevant and reliable information.


1. You need to find background information about a Beehive. Use a Basic Search of Beehive to access the Research Starter.


2. Try this: Do a Basic Keyword Search, and insert the quote from Charles Darwin -

 “absolutely perfect in economising labour and wax”

Don't forget the " " so that all words are searched together.



Use the source: 

OneSearch 3

Also: Another excellent source to use is:

Proving the Perfection Of the Honeycomb

You will need to login to Science in Context. To access the login information, go to Moodle/ Database Usernames and Passwords.