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Year 12 Retreat: Home

Aims: The aims of the 2017 Year 12 retreat are:

  • Affirm each student in his unique gifts and graces
  • Challenge each to make a difference in the world. ​
  • Invite each student to consider and experience his relationship with God

Description of key elements

Small groups:

We will travel away in house groups to a venue which offer open space away from the city, namely Mt Tambourine QCCC. The main focus will be on a small group of about 9 students who are enabled to share and listen at a deep level, owing to the experience of the retreat, the work done beforehand, and the care invested by the staff members working with each group. Group activities will include ice breakers and games as well as affirming and listening to each person’s story.

Social justice experience:

Prior to travelling away, each house group will work with key staff to discern, plan and participate in a sponsored walk for and with a charity/ outreach group chosen by that house, eg

  • Rosies, mates4mates or Livin​ 

The aims of this experience are: a) to create a shared experience of service which brings the boys of one house together in a satisfying way; b) to prepare the ground for trust, affirmation and listening between group members.

Individual experiences:

Each student will receive a letter of love and affirmation from his parents and be given space to respond. Each will also receive a journal within which to record responses and to keep as a memento.


There will be night prayer on the first night and a shared Mass with the members of one other house.


Two houses travel away to Mt Tamborine on 13th - 14th July (Week 1, Term 3, Thursday and Friday) and the other two on 17th- 18th July (Week 2, Monday and Tuesday). The first day is an early start at 7.30 am so that we can complete our sponsored walk. We return to school by 3 pm on the second day.