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Year 10 Earth and Environmental Science: Home

Course Overview Basics

Earth and Environmental Science

Course Overview: “The basics”

Earth systems

  • Processes
  • Interrelationship

Significance of the Earth systems including models and theories

How to predict future changes in these systems eg hydrosphere

Energy transfer in Earth’s systems


  • Necessary to investigate the importance of energy transfer in order to see how and why they change with Man’s intervention.
  • Models to predict changes to the systems characteristics.

Renewable and non-renewable resources


  • How the use and disposal of them affects the systems.
  • Need for sustainable resources to maintain quality of life.

Cause and effect of naturally occurring hazards

  • The way they affect the Earth systems
  • Management and mitigation
  • Human impact and how it increases naturally occurring hazards.

Logical progression

  • learn about systems         
  • learn about energy transfer in system
  • learn about resources that use energy from system
  • learn about human impact that changes these systems and cause hazards to life.