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Resource Key

Resource Level

We have graded each source in this Research Guide according to the following levels. 

Level 1

Brief, easy to read information which may be basic and use informal language. Newspaper articles are generally this level.

Level 2

Generally includes subject-specific language, provides additional reading and may provide additional background information.

Level 3

Typically, these will be longer in length, detailed and contain technical information.

socio-economic development

Socio-Economic Development

Socio-economic development is the process of social and economic development in a society. Socio-economic development is measured with indicators, such as GDP, life expectancy, literacy and levels of employment. Changes in less-tangible factors are also considered, such as personal dignity, freedom of association, personal safety and freedom from fear of physical harm, and the extent of participation in civil society. Causes of socio-economic impacts are, for example, new technologies, changes in laws, changes in the physical environment and ecological changes. (Definitions)

Middle School Database Search

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Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade

Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution 1750-1840

Convict Transportation to Australia

Convict Transportation to Australia 1750-1800

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