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This topic includes the examination of two different types of text, e.g. a novel and a film, a novel and a play, a documentary and a play, an op-ed article and a novel, a speech and a novel, a selection of poetry and a film, a film and a play, a selection of poetry and a novel.

Study in this unit will include two texts that are either:

  • connected by the representation of concepts, identities, times and places


  • transformations or adaptations of (or interventions into) other texts, such as reimagined literary texts or film versions of texts or plays.

In responding to two texts, students explore and discuss the personal, social, historical and cultural significance of representations in different texts and the cultural assumptions, attitudes, values and beliefs underpinning them. Students are given opportunities to add to ongoing, informed and public ‘conversations’ about both literary texts and non-literary texts.



literary essays

Literary Essays

Art and Ardor

Among the pieces included in this collection of wide-ranging essays are two extended essays on Edith Wharton and Virginia Woolf and analyses of the work of contemporaries including Updike and Capote. Book available in the library.