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Fairy Tales: Home

Year 8 English




Explore the history and world of fairy tales, featuring interviews with authors Sally Gardner and Philip Pullman, and Professor Bill Gray.



Fractured Fair Tales


The dark truth behind fairy tales is really the stuff of nightmares. Best-selling author Kate Forsyth is known for her fairytale re-tellings and she joins us for more.

Watch 51 different fractured fairy tales.


An Introduction to Fairy Tales and their Characteristics


Australian Fairy Tales

Resource Key

Resource Level

We have graded each source in this Research Guide according to the following levels. 

Level 1

Brief, easy to read information which may be basic and use informal language. Newspaper articles are generally this level.

Level 2

Generally includes subject-specific language, provides additional reading and may provide additional background information.

Level 3

Typically, these will be longer in length, detailed and contain technical information.