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Creating a Libguide: Home

step 1

Assignment Guides

Step One

Ask the teacher/CAL requesting the guide to complete the LibGuide Request Form. If necessary, once this form is submitted to the library, request a meeting to clarify any requirements.


Step Two

Copy the Junior/Middle/Senior Template (whichever is applicable) and allocate an appropriate guide title.

Step Three

Always update the guide with user friendly URLs across all guide pages.

Step Four

Remove any boxes from the copied template which are not applicable and make visible all relevant boxes.

Step Five

Conduct research across all the subscribed platforms (databases (one search), individual databases where relevant, clickview etc) and the open web (youtube, websites etc).

Step Six

For each link, allocate a resource icon and apply a consistent title. That is, Article title | Website/Database | Date (if available). Include one or two sentences which best represents the contents of the article. Include quotation marks and ... to conclude the extracted sentences.

Step Seven

If necessary, you may need to allocate