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The Black Death: Home


 Throughout the unit you have examined the Black Death and its impact in Asia, Europe and Africa.  In examining The Black Death and its causes, symptoms and effects, you have also examined other factors of the 14th century medieval world including; living conditions, religious beliefs and social structure (Image:  Positive Effects of the Black Death).

Your task is to investigate a medieval individual’s way of life and their response to the Black Death.

Britannica Database

Click on the logo above to be directed to the Britannica database, click on Middle and then use the following keyword search ...

SEARCH:  plague middle ages

Be certain to explore all the results ... Articles, Images, etc

Classroom Video Database

SEARCH: "black death" "middle ages"

The speech marks force the database to look for results of that exact phrase.  So, the words black and death have to appear together in the results.

World History in Context

In this Database you can search using keywords but some areas of history have their very own page.   Click on Browse Topics (located towards the top left-hand side of the screen).  Find Black Death amongst the topics.

Library Webs Database

Click ...

Category > Ancient and Medieval History

Topics > Middle Ages

Sections >  Middle Ages: Black Death

InstaGrok Search Engine

Click on the image above to be directed to this Search Engine which returns results as a concept map.  You can predetermine the reading level required for the results.  Slide the bar to the right-hand side to return advanced results.

SEARCH:  black death middle ages

Kidz Search Search Engine

Use this search engine to search for your specific character.  Drag the commands onto the search area to tailor your search.  We used the intitle command for peasants.  All the results will be about the Black Death during the Middle Ages and will have the word Peasant in the title of the page.  Substitute the other groups depending on who you have chosen; for example, doctor.

Sweet Search

SEARCH:  "black death" "middle ages"

In-text Citations and Bibliographies

Villanova College uses the APA style of Referencing.

The list above represents a series of video tutorials to assist you with the creation of a Bibliography and In-text Citations for your assignments.

You will need to log in to access the tutorials.  Use your Villanova Username and Password to access these tools BUT before your username you will need to add ... villanova\[then your 5 digit username]

Search - Villanova Library Catalogue

Click on the image above to search for books in our library collection relevant to this topic.

SEARCH 1: Black Death

SEARCH 2: Plague

SEARCH 3: Middle Ages (there will be sections in these books devoted to the Plague - use the index at the back of these books to check.

Here is a sample of some of the books you will find ...