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Year 6 English: Famous Australians


Useful Websites

Evaluate Information

Ask yourself ...

Sweet Search

We suggest you use 3 specific strategies when searching for information on your person:

  1. Include the operator intitle: before you include your famous person's name.  This will return results which will have your famous person's name in the title of the web page. For example intitle:"clem jones" [include the colon before the name and leave no spaces, except between the first and second name].
  2. Include the exact phrase search operator.  Place inverted commas around the exact phrase you want the search engine to find.  For example "clem jones" will search for the word clem and jones together.
  3. Include the keyword, biography because you want information about what they have done and achieved.

This would look like this in the Sweet Search search bar ...


Take Notes


Evaluating Websites