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Year 10 Biotechnology: DNA Profiling

Claim 3

DNA profiling will improve personalised health care in the future and reduce the risk of illness.

Gale Link

Click the logo above to load Science in Context's topic page on Genetic Engineering. You will need a password, click on the link below to be directed to the username and password page.

Usernames and Passwords

step 1

Step 1 : Identify the key terms of the Claim

DNA profiling will improve personalised health care in the future and reduce the risk of illness.

step 2

Step 2 : Identify synonyms, search terms and phrases

Search Term/Phrase
DNA profiling genetic fingerprinting  
personalised healthcare therapy | treatment therap* | personal* healthcare
illness disease disease*

step 3

Step 3 : Develop refining questions to narrow the claim - Who? What? Which? How? ...

Consider the following:

What genes are being profiled?

What personalised health care?

Which illness?

How will the profiling reduce the risk of the illness?

step 4

Step 4 : Add to your terms, synonyms and search terms/phrases table

Now that you have narrowed the claim with specifics, add this detail to your keyword table.

step 5

Step 5 : Do background research to answer your refining questions

Use the help provided here to develop your database search skills.

Remember: use the LIMITERS to make your search more specific and relevant.

Click here to be directed to a guide for help on using Databases efficiently.

In the EBSCO One Search, click on Advnaced search and replicate this search (below) to get started:

From these results:
  • Read articles that interest you;
  • Add relevant search terms to your table
  • Apply these new search terms to determine how much information is readily available
  • IF you think there is ENOUGH information and research about your chosen topic, develop your research question.

Here are some articles to get you started (all found from the above search):

step 6

Step 6 : Develop a draft research question

Biology Sources

Search Engines and Databases for Biology

Any articles you find that you cannot access, search in our Database OneSearch. If you still cannot retrieve the article, send the link to the article to the Library and we will arrange for access.

Search Engines and Databases for Science

Search Engines and Databases for Science