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In recent decades, art has taken a decisively open-ended and often interactive approach to interpretation and the role of the viewer. Artists, and indeed audiences, are seeking a more relational, collective experience, which many argue stems from drastic changes in technology global economics and our concept of community.

(GoMA, 2013) 

Searching for information on Sustainability ... as it relates to art

When you first start your research for an assignment, start broad. Get a feel for the topic by reading widely.

The following broad Google search returned a number of interesting results. Notice the use of key terms taken from your topic. See below for links to 3 useful results.

Introduction to Kintsugi

Plan Your Assignment - Effective Time Management is the Key

One of the keys to the production of a quality assignment is effective time management.

Your final product should reflect the time you have been allocated to its completion; that is, if you have been given five weeks to complete a report then the report you submit should look like you have spent five weeks on its production.

Below are links to tools which can help you plan your time.  These calculators will take the time you have available and set mini deadlines towards its completion.  They also provide, in some cases, useful guides for the construction of oral presentations, lab reports, analytical essays etc.

Give them a go and let us know how useful you found them.

Swell Sculpture Festival

Robert Bradford

Deconstructing a Google Search - Critics of Robert Bradford

GOOGLE SEARCH:  "robert bradford" art "three dimensional" gallery -pinterest site:org

Using quotation marks around a group of words will return results with that exact phrase.

Including the minus sign directly before the word will eliminate that word from the results.

Including site:org will return results from only .org sites.

This search resulted in some useful results including this one:

Recycle and explode: A note on Robert Bradford’s toys and 3-D fires

David Day

David Sherlock


Time - Art Movement, Social/Politic/Cultural/Economics of the period

Title of Works

NDI Gallery - scroll through Robert Bradford's works and their titles.

About the Artist

The Cool Hunter

The Artist Who Uses Thousands of Discarded Toys to Create £12,000 Giant Sculptures

Robert Bradford

Social Media Presence




Rebecca Hossack


Recycle and explode:  A note on Robert Bradford's toys and 3-D fires


New Artist:  Robert Bradford


re-title:  International Contemporary Art


John Dahlsen

This video is an in-depth study on the Australian Environmental Artist John Dahlsen's visual art practice. It was shown on National Television on the ABC arts show. Explanation of “environmental artist”.