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Staff Weekend Retreat - Drawing from the Well: Home


Augustine was happiest in the company of friends in the times when he could withdraw from the busyness and challenges of his very public life. At Villanova we place a very high value on forming a community in which friendship and fun can thrive.


The aims of the staff weekend away are:

  • To enable staff to step back from the pressures of school life in order to renew friendships, make new friends and have some time to get in touch with what is good about school and home life.
  • To enable staff to learn a little more about Augustine, through dialogue, with time to reflect on how to enhance our practice as educators seeking to walk the talk in offering holistic education.


In this first trial year there will be one winter (mountain) and one summer (beach) weekend away for 10 staff in each case. We will go away on Friday lunchtime and return to families after Mass on Sunday. There will be some input and sharing on Augustine, some time for games, activities and enjoying the outdoors, and time for shared meals and rest in a beautiful environment. The aim in putting groups together will be to give everyone a fair go and allow each person to go away with some friends and maybe some staff from different parts of the college

‚ÄčOur summer “beach” retreat is booked for Noosa North Shore on 24-26 February with about 10 places available. Our winter “mountain” retreat will be 28 – 30 July.