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Social Sciences: Introduction

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Google Search ... Perspective

There are many criteria we can use to judge quality research.  One of these requires the researcher to seek out and collect information about their inquiry from a range of perspectives.  

Google allows you to do this quite effectively.

First, realise that any search you conduct will be Australian/US/UK centric.  If you are researching Islam or the Gulf War you may locate a number of different perspectives but ideally you should seek information from the perspective of Iraq or Indonesia (Islam) etc.

To do this use the site operator to search for websites from these countries.  The extension for Australia is au in a URL.  This signifies the site is an Australian site.  The extension for Iran is ir.  Click here for the list of country extensions.

Use the site operator in this way ... site:ir "Gulf War" to return results purely from Iraq.  You could also add ac ... "Gulf War".  This is the Iraq version of edu and will return results from academy (ie university) sources.