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Senior Legal Studies | Unit 4: Home


"In Unit 4, students consider legal concepts, principles and contemporary issues studied in previous units to consider fundamental human rights concepts and analyse Australia’s participation within the global community. They recognise how human rights create challenges in national and international contexts, and for minority groups, and examine the impact of international law on the Australian legal system and those who are subject to it.

This unit features contemporary contexts involving human rights matters in Australia and where Australia has an interest internationally. Examples of issues include:

  • Australian Aboriginal peoples’ and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ access to health and other community services
  • parents’ and children’s human rights in surrogacy and artificial conception agreements
  • the right to marry and create a family
  • people smuggling and the treatment of asylum seekers
  • war and peace issues, for example, the Geneva Conventions and peacekeeping forces
  • environmental issues, for example, climate change and the rights of future generations" (QCAA, 2019).