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Senior Legal Studies | Unit 1: Home


"In Unit 1, students are introduced to the Australian legal system, the sources of law, and the roles of parliament and the courts. The unit focuses on legal principles and criteria, for example just and equitable outcomes. Students will consider how criminal law attempts to safeguard individuals’ right to freedom from interference, with society’s need for order. They examine the consequences of alleged criminal behaviour in terms of trial processes, punishment and sentences.

Where appropriate and possible, current contexts based on relevant and contemporary issues are used in this unit. Examples of issues include acts causing injury or death; property offences (for example, extortion and theft), wilful damage (for example, graffiti and arson), and environmental pollution; cybercrime; business, credit card and social security fraud and deception; drug and public order offences; and traffic and vehicle regulatory offences" (QCAA, 2019).