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Unit 2 description

Unit Description

"In Unit 2, students explore cultural experiences of the world through engaging with a variety of texts, including a focus on Australian cultures for at least half of the unit. Building on Unit 1, students develop their understanding of how relationships between language, text, purpose, context and audience shape meaning and cultural perspectives. By engaging with a variety of texts, including Australian texts, students examine the relationship between language and identity, the effect of textual choices and the ways in which these choices position audiences for particular purposes, revealing attitudes, values and beliefs. Students respond to and create imaginative and analytical texts of their own.

In responding to texts, students analyse the relationship between language, representation, identity and cultural context, uncovering cultural assumptions, attitudes, values and beliefs that underpin texts.

In creating texts, students purposefully shape perspectives and representations that reveal certain cultural attitudes, values and beliefs" (QCAA, 2019).