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Unit Description

Unit Description

"In Unit 1, students explore individual and/or collective experiences and perspectives of the world through engaging with a variety of texts in a range of contexts. They examine how perspectives and representations of concepts, identities and/or groups are constructed through textual choices such as language, medium, style and text structures. This unit allows students to explore how meaning is shaped through the relationships between language, text, purpose, context and audience. Students respond to a variety of non-literary texts and literary texts, and create texts of their own for a variety of purposes and audiences.

In responding to texts, students analyse the perspectives and representations of concepts, identities and/or groups in texts and how these shape their own and others’ ideas and perspectives. Analysis may include, for example:

  • examining ways in which concepts, identities and/or groups are reported differently in the media and how these are represented to position readers and viewers
  • exploring how writers convey perspectives and representations through textual structures, conventions, style and language, and how the meaning of a text is affected by the contexts in which it is created and received
  • examining ways perspectives and representations are conveyed through argument, rhetoric, tone, register, style and language to influence audiences.

In creating texts, students demonstrate their understanding of the relationships between text, purpose, context and audience by purposefully shaping perspectives and representations of concepts, identities/and or groups. Students experiment with, and make choices about, textual structures, medium, conventions and language to develop voice and style and position audiences" (QCAA, 2019).