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The Science of Reading: Introduction


The Five Strands of Reading

Reviews into the Teaching of Reading



The Why

This LibGuide details WHAT we should do, as teachers, to teach reading. But this guide also details WHY we should teach reading in this way. And this is why ...

The Science of Reading

The Science of Reading: A Defining Movement

Why aren't our kids being taught to read?


The Science of Reading: Overview


Rethinking Guided Reading - Sharing Best Practice

Rethinking Guided Reading - Sharing Best Practice

The Science of Reading is an approach to the teaching of reading which adopts practices that are grounded in evidence. These strategies work. This video introduces this approach to the teaching of reading. The presenters analyse the guided reading approach, suggest how to bring in more evidence-based practice and discuss what this looks like in the classroom. Topics covered include phonics, fluency, how we should be teaching comprehension, what students need to be able to infer from text, and how reading in class should always involve writing. 

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