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BYOD Staff and Student Devices

Email to print is functional for staff and students to email documents for printing from devices that are not managed by Villanova.

This includes staff devices that are not school issued (ipad/iphone/android/mac book etc) and Student devices that are BYOD.

If using a non-school issued device, you will need to either configure your Villanova email account or use Webmail/OWA to access your school email.   IT staff can assist you with this as needed.

The email to print feature only accepts emails from a email address (otherwise there is no way for you to release your print job at the printer with your swipe card).

The following information will detail how:

  • staff can email their print jobs to the copiers;
  • staff and students can use the webprint to print; and
  • how parents can top up printing balances through Flexischools.

Staff email to print process

Email the following address

Attach the file to your email and click send.

An automated response from will be sent back to you with the following information

Your Email to Print job has been received and is being processed.

Please click the following link to complete the print release process:

Attachments processed:


When you click the supplied link you will be prompted to login using your school username and password.








Selected the appropriate cost code and clicked Print.










The print job is now ready for release at the printer using your swipe card.


Staff/Student Webprint Option on BYOD WiFi

Webprint is also a new feature available for BYOD devices on the BYOD wifi.

This allows for students and staff to drag and drop files onto a web page for printing 

Step 1

Staff and students can go to this link and login with Villanova 

account credentials

  • Student would enter their student number eg 12343 and password
  • Staff would enter username eg stowm and password


Step 2

After logging in you will be presented with the following page

Select Web Print.





Step 3


Select Submit a Job.




Step 4

Select the printer - either staff or student.









Step 5

Select how many copies you would like and the relevant cost code (cost codes are not applicable to students).

Step 6

A summary of the job will appear.

Step 7

Swipe at the copier to release the printing.


Topping Up your Printing Balance with Flexischools



Parents can now top up their son's printing account balance through Flexischools.

When parents log into their account on the Flexischools website and select Online Ordering they will now see this option.

After Selecting Photocopying and Printing, parents can then specify an amount (see below).