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How to Cite Videos: Home

Video Referencing

All videos you use for research must be included in your References. These videos may come from Clickview, program streamed from a streaming service or YouTube.

In Citemaker, select Internet > Video.


ClickView or Video

To complete the citation for a video you will need to watch the 'credits'. The credits will be display at the very beginning or at the very end of a video. The Internet Movie DataBase (IMDb) can also be searched to obtain this information for movies or other programs aired on television or streamed through providers such as Netflix. Click here to be directed to the IMDb site.



All the relevant information you will need to complete your Citmaker entry will be available on the YouTube page. Often the 'author' of a YouTube video may use a name other than their actual name. These are hyperlinked and will take you to their personal page where you may be able to discover their actual name. If you cannot find the actual name leave the author field blank.