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How to Cite Tables and Figures: Home


Tables and Figures (pictures, statistics, graphs etc.) in your assignments are labeled Tables or Figures.

Tables of information/data are labeled Tables. Generally, tables are displayed in rows and columns.

All other images are labelled Figures; such as, photographs, graphs, drawings.

 Both must be cited in your assignment and included in your References. Each figure and table should include a Note. The Note identifies the source of the image along with any description.

If you include a figure or table in your assignment, you should directly refer to the figure/table in your assignment. See examples.


in text citation images

APA details very specific ways to present tables and figures. This is a deconstructed example, followed by two other examples.

image examples

Example 1

In the example below, note the reference to the image is made and then on the very next line the image appears. The Note appears below the image. 

Example 2

Example 2

At times, your reference to a table/figure in your assignment may appear at the bottom of a page. This will not leave enough room for the table/figure to appear immediately after. In this case, include your table/figure on the very next page after your reference to the table/figure. Always start a page with a line of text and then include your table/figure. See Example 2, below.