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For Parents

Classcraft For Parents


Why do we use Classcraft?

Engagement is crucial to student success. But connecting with students, boosting motivation, and making school culturally relevant is challenging.

As an Engagement Management System (EMS) Classcraft uses the motivating gaming principles to create a positive student experience. With timesaving tools, Classcraft puts students in control of their learning process, reinforces collaboration, streamlines classroom management, and builds a better learning experience.

Classcraft enables your child to set goals, work both independently and as a team to complete tasks, and be rewarded for engaging in the Library learning experiences and the Self-Directed Reading Program. 


What do you need to do?

As a parent, you will be required to set-up a parent account that is linked to your child's account. You will also set-up rewards for your child that you can give when he reads at home. You can also monitor what objectives your son has completed.

We ask that you use the awarding of points as a reward for engaging in the Self-Directed Reading Program at home and as a tool to start conversations about your child's reading and Library Tasks. 

How to Set-Up your Parent Account

How Do I Award Points to My Child for Reading

For Students

Classcraft For Students


What is Classcraft?

Classcraft is a game platform that we use to deliver some of your Library Lessons. You will create an account and avatar character and also be part of a team.


What do you have to do?

Each time you complete an Objective, the next Objective will automatically open. The Objectives require you to complete a Task and then submit your answers in the Assignment Tab.


How do you get Points?

When you complete your Objective satisfactorily, you receive points. In addition, your parents can award you points for reading at home. Your teacher can award you points for doing great work in class. When you receive XP, you can level up in the game. When you receive GP, you can buy equipment in the game. 

Setting up your Student Account.

How to Complete the Objectives