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Villanova College has named its library the Tolle Lege Library; Tolle Lege being latin for take and read. Our Library team offers numerous services and we are always available to assist our community. The Tolle Lege Library is a busy place. Classes are often booked into our spaces. However, students are also welcome to use our facilities before and after school and during break time. Access to the printing services is limited to before and after school as well as break times. Students are advised to always carry their ID Cards with them for printing and for the borrowing of books.


Borrowing Books

Borrowing Books

Here are some points you need to know about borrowing.

  • Generally, we do not put a limit on how many books you can borrow at a time. The answer will be; how many can you manage - be realistic!
  • Our fiction collection is divided into two main areas; the General collection and the Senior/Young Adult (YA) collection
    • Year 5 and 6 students can only borrow from the General collection
    • Year 6 students can borrow from the YA collection with parent permission. Collect a form from the Circulation desk, have your parents complete it and hand submit to the Library staff.
    • Middle School students can borrow from the Senior collection with parent permission. Again, collect a form from the Circulation desk, have your parents complete it and submit to the Library staff.
  • If you damage a book you have borrowed, return it immediately. Explain what happened and we will work with you to repair the book. If you hand a damaged book without explanation, unfortunately, we will ask you to pay for its replacement. It pays to be honest and upfront!
  • We stamp each Library book with the date it is due to be returned. You will find the Date Due slip on the very first page of our books. You can also check Infiniti, in your profile all your book loans are listed and their due dates are included. You can access Infiniti via the iCentre's home page. Once you have logged in, click on your name in the top left-hand corner of the screen and select My Profile.
  • You will be sent automatic emails by our Infiniti system when a book is overdue. You are welcome to come into the Library to renew the book for another 3 weeks (if there is no prior reservation on the book) or you can email us and we can do this for you. 
    • If you continue to receive emails about an overdue book that you think you have returned, please do not ignore these emails. Come into the Library and clear up the issue.