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Research: Databases

Databases at Villanova College

Databases are generally sources of high-quality reliable information.  Access to this information is not free and therefore will not be accessible through a 'Google' search.  

We pay for access to the following databases.  When you are at school you should be able to click on the link and go straight into the database.  When you click on the link at home, you will be asked for a Username and Password.  Click on the Button to the left to be directed to these.

Why Bother with Databases?

Gale Virtual Reference Library

Points of View Database

This video is a tutorial on how to search the Points of View Database for information.

This next tutorial explains how you can use this database to find information for or against an issue.  Ignore the first part of the video, so start at 0.30.

Modern World History: Post 1500

ANZ Reference Centre Plus

To ensure you collect relevant information quickly we recommend you watch this next tutorial; it is a 12 minutes long but well worth the time!  Make sure you select full screen view.

Science in Context

The World Almanac for Kids




This video introduces the features of Britannica School for both students and teachers.

Teachers, click on the following for more information:

World Religions Online

Understanding Faith

Library Webs

World History in Context

The Churchill Archives

Australian History Mysteries

Australian History Mysteries