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Revise and Study

Plan an Assignment

Help Planning an Assignment

One of the keys to the production of a quality assignment is effective time management.

Your final product should reflect the time you have been allocated to its completion; that is, if you have been given five weeks to complete a report then the report you submit should look like you have spent five weeks on its production.

Below are links to tools which can help you plan your time.  These calculators will take the time you have available and set mini deadlines towards its completion.  They also provide, in some cases, useful guides for the construction of oral presentations, lab reports, analytical essays etc.

Give them a go and let us know how useful you found them.

Write Academically

Develop Essay Writing Skills

Write an Essay

Create a Bibliography

Demonstrate Academic Integrity

When producing an in-text citation you are acknowledging that the words or ideas belong to another person.  It is a mark of academic writing to draw from the opinions, findings, ideas of others, cite these in your own work and then draw your own conclusions.  At Villanova we use the APA style of referencing.

Academic Integrity and Avoiding Plagiarism

Academic Integrity and What it Means for your Future

Use Word to Compile a Bibliography

Bibliography Tutorials for Macs

Adding Websites

Distinguish Between Bibliographies, Reference Lists and In-text Citations

Annotated Bibliographies for the Senior School

Annotated Bibliographies for the Middle School

Take Notes

Bibliography Citation Generator

Print Using BYOD and Top Up Your Print Balance

University of Queensland APA Guide


Pronounce a Word

Evaluate Information

Understand Difficult Text

Search and Find Information for Beginners

Generate a Thesis

A thesis is a statement which is argued for or against.  Here are some resources which will assist you in generating a thesis.

Thesis Generator Work your way through a series of steps and the generator will produce a thesis.

A Guide to Writing Thesis Statements Learn what a thesis statement is and what it is not.

Developing a Thesis Steps to formulating your thesis.

Present information

Search and Attribute Open Source Images